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I don't truly understand how it works, but it's working! Kristen is changing my life with her alternative practice for allergies. As a life-long allergy sufferer, I never thought I would be able to stop taking shots. After year after year of not getting much relief from shots during the high season, I was desperate to try something different. I am a new improved version of myself without shots, a better constitution, and a clearer mind. Not only is she helping me with my hay fever, but food allergies and sensitivities too. I have to say the treatment for minerals was quite profound, and I feel like it made things right in my body kind of like a picture that is just slightly off center, then you make a minor adjustment and it's centered. Thank you, Kristen, for bringing this alternative method to Bend.

-Jill W.


If I could describe this allergy therapy in one word it would be a Miracle. I have studied the body and relationship to the world through many lenses of modalities for the majority of my life. I am a Western Medical Herbalist, Yoga Instructor, & work with the energetic body. In the past, I have undergone traditional allergy treatment, shots, antihistamines, and avoidance with mediocre results; same for my son. 

     After 6 years of sometimes debilitating dizziness, baffled Doctors, and failed elimination diets, ONE treatment for overreaction to sugars with Kristen eliminated about 95% of my dizziness. A treatment for Glutamates (in almost every food) took care of all the rest of the dizziness. Glutamates! To my knowledge no other modality on Earth can detect an overreaction to Glutamates and I would have never guessed that on my own.  My son, after a lifetime of Allergic Rhinitis got complete (lasting) relief and now he begs to go get a treatment for anything because he knows how much it's changed his experience of life. He can be a kid now!

     If you do one thing for yourself in the name of self-care, let this be it. You will discover the most vibrant capable you you've ever known, and feel what it feels like to have a body that lives in harmony with the world around you, and find genuine calm joy in everyday life.
-Rachel E.
Certified Western Herbalist

I too have taken both of my children to Kristen for allergy testing and treatment. She is so sweet and her findings with allergy testing revealed so much to us and our family! It has provided us with more insight into our sensitivities and how to adjust our lifestyle to be more balanced. We feel blessed to receive her treatments and guidance.

To more health and happiness,

-Jessica G.


I love Kristen. Not only does she help me with my allergies, but she also helps me with my anxiety.

-Liam J. Age 7

I've got a much happier kiddo on my hands today. Thank you!

-Hilary J. (Liam's Mom)

I have had seasonal allergies and food allergies for years. I went to see Kristen not expecting too much. Boy was I surprised! I had a pretty severe case of dry eye, which improved with the first treatment. As she continued to treat me for trees and dust and pollen and weeds, each time my eyes got better and better. They are no longer dry, red, and itchy. I also had vaginal dryness which improved greatly with the first treatment. Usually this time of year I am sneezing like crazy with a bad allergy cold that could last for weeks. I have hardly sneezed at all this season, unbelievable! I am excited to see what else will improve!

-Sherry R.

 I've had irritation and rashes in the pits of my elbows on and off for most of my adult life. After one treatment, the rashes were gone within the week and haven't returned. There is still some pinkness in the area but there is no irritation or rash.

-Sean J.

The night before my allergy testing and treatment with Kristen Jividen, I was laying in my bed feeling anemic. Then she tested my allergic responses to 100's of things and the priority for treatment was 'allergy to iron'. My mind was blown. Today I took Gabriella in and mold and fungus from our former Portland life came up for treatment. Hubby and I were just talking about how her disposition was similar to when we had mold in our house years ago. Again, mind blown. I am shamelessly bragging about our clinic, Riverside Wellness. Why? Because we have the most amazing practitioners there. It's my own personal dream team. If you or your kids struggle with allergies please schedule an appt.

-Liliana B.

Our work with Kristen Jividen at Allergy Center of Bend, LLC has been life changing for my son and our family. After visiting multiple providers with no results, we were desperate for anything positive for our son. Our goal aimed to reduce breathing difficulties related to asthma and behavioral ups and downs connected to potential food allergies. Ultimately, my husband and I wished to reduce the amount of medications he was currently taking.

We were thrilled when in only 5 visits with Kristen he was already improving. Swimming was no longer an emotional breakdown after identifying chlorine as a trigger. The length between visits to the pediatrician decreased. And eventually he no longer required any inhalers or medications. To say that this was beyond our expectations is an understatement.

What we appreciated most about working with Kristen was her kind and gentle demeanor with our four year old. Any visit to an appointment always makes my son anxious. He was allowed to ask questions and treatments were fun. We would highly recommend Kristen.

-Colleen F., Graham's Mommy

I have suffered from debilitating migraines most of my life, as well as minor headaches. I initially sought treatment because these ailments were triggered by food sensitivities. I am now migraine and headache free! And to my surprise, other areas of my health have also improved! My depression and anxiety have greatly decreased in severity. My eczema and adult acne are better, and even my extreme sensitivity to cold has become manageable! My friends and family have commented on how much healthier and happier I seem! All this, and now I'm also able to eat all the foods I had to cut out due to my sensitivities. My quality of life has improved dramatically due to treatment. Everything flows better. Energy can flow without blockages and I'm more in tune with the blockages that remain and what is causing them. I used to hate food, but now I love it again. Thank you, Kristen!

-Taylor M.

I suffered from chronic Sinusitis for years. Congestion, headaches and fatigue became an unwelcome part of my day to day. Such was my discomfort that I chose sinus surgery with the hope it would offer relief; unfortunately, it didn't. After just a few treatments from Kristen it was clear I had finally found a treatment that worked. It's good to feel good again.

-Michael I.

I have seen a noticeable difference in my labs for A1C blood sugar, close to normal where it was borderline for years. The testing showed that I am extra sensitive to a lot of things and with treatments my reactions have gotten less acute, much less stomach pain and digestive problems, no ear infections. I have a nervous itching problem that acts up with stress. It occurs so seldom now that I haven't refilled my prescription for over a year. I am severely allergic to under-cooked egg yolks yet I have not had any of the symptoms since treatment for eggs. Overall I feel better with treatments and I am confident I will feel even better as I continue them. 

-Sabrina N.

I began treatments a few weeks ago and already I am eating wheat and dairy, which I have not been able to do in years without experiencing severe reactions. After the treatments for dairy and wheat, I surprisingly I have no more reactions at all to either. What a blessing! This treatment has made a huge difference in my life already and I still have several allergens to eliminate. After my success with wheat and dairy, I have no doubt the treatments for my remaining allergies will be equally successful. My whole life has changed I am so grateful for this therapy.

-Kathy H.

Thanks to Allergy Center of Bend, our son is no longer out of control or hyperactive after having sugar. He used to crave and devour sweets, then rock back and forth and speak gibberish after eating them. Now he’s calmer and can eat occasional treats without a reaction. He doesn’t even ask for dessert every night. It’s like he’s a different kid! Also, our children have wanted a cat for a long time so we got a kitten, but had to quickly give it away because with exposure, our daughter would get hives, sneeze, cough, and have swollen eyes. We decided to try getting another cat recently, but she had the same reaction. The kids were really attached and did not want to give up their pet. After a treatment at Allergy Center of Bend, our daughter can be around the cat as much as she likes with no reaction and we’ve been able to keep our family pet. We are very grateful.

-Kindra H.

I discovered I had severe seasonal allergies after moving here from the Midwest, which made springtime a fog of flu-like symptoms. I went to Kristen during a heavy pollen time, hopeful, but not expecting much. I was absolutely blown away with the results. My first visit, Kristen treated me for trees. She tested me for every tree in the Oregon area (I live in the Willamette Valley but travel to Bend often), and I could feel the specific allergic reactions to different trees (Juniper made my eyes itchy, Pine gave me a headache). The day after the treatment, I woke up without dry, itchy eyes, and my persistent headache was gone. It was incredible, and after a second treatment for grasses, I haven't had to use any of my allergy medications since! I can't wait until I go to Bend again so I can see Kristen and get treated for my other sensitivities, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get relief.

-Maggie S.

"You are truly a mystery, I don't know how to help you", are the words I have continually heard throughout the years from numerous doctors. I had forgotten what it feels like to feel well until I met with Kristen at Allergy Center of Bend.

I have suffered from severe seasonal allergies and chronic pain for years that resulted in dramatic lifestyle changes. After experiencing my last bout of extreme pain I visited Kristen at the allergy center. Kristen was able to treat me and alleviate the pain that would have left me unable to walk or even function with any normalcy for a minimum of four days. I was able to walk upright directly after my treatment, even completing my errands before returning home. 

I know it will be a long road to recovery, but I have hope for the first time that I can live my life without constant pain and breathe without the assistance of daily medications. I only regret not finding the Allergy Center of Bend sooner!

-Alana J.

I saw Kristen for sinus issues. My 1st treatment was for a sensitivity to dust. The next morning, I woke up without sneezing and both nostrils were clear! I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night reaching for my allergy medication. This is HUGE for me! So exciting!

-Julie J.

I kept having stomachaches and didn't know why. After getting treated for eggs, my stomach has felt great!

-Cadin J.

I love ACB! Kristen is an amazing practitioner! Prior to my treatment for sugar, I couldn't get enough of the sweet goodness. After my treatment, my sugar cravings subsided and I am able to enjoy an occasional goody without the want for more! I'm ecstatic!

-Deb W.

I had been suffering from seasonal allergies since childhood, finding only partial relief from all assortment of medications.  After very few treatments from Kristen I noticed immediate relief from sinus pressure, sneezing, itchy nose and eyes.  I can’t wait to follow up with some more treatments and no longer dread spring time allergies!

-Phil B.

My results are amazing. Life changing. I can't thank Kristen enough.

-Kristen G.E.